Water Pumps

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    Dosing Pump

    Dosing Pump is required for displacement of very small amount of fluids with high precision for various applications. It is used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and brewing industries. This pump is comprised of an electric motor, foot valve, chemical storage container, control system, on/off switch, and a regulator. It works by injecting a measured amount of chemical into the pipe which is then transferred to the desired container.

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    High Pressure Pump

    High Pressure Pump is completely suitable to be used for viscous & thick fluid based applications including transfer of inks, chemicals, resins, adhesives and hydraulic oil. It is also installed in cleaning systems of different sectors including automobiles, car garages, and home appliance repair. It uses crankshaft movement to drive piston for moving water in & out of the pumping assembly. This pump is designed having a sturdy alloy with ergonomic structure to assure great resistance from over pressure situations.

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    Pressure Pump System

    Pressure Pump Systems are set up in assorted system configurations, each providing assorted advantages as well as characteristics such as initial investment cost, less running costs, flexibility, comfort level, and supply assurance. Provided methods have been made to deliver optimal performance at all stages.

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    Raw Water Pump

    Raw Water Pump is driven by a belt which is connected to the crankshaft of the engine. It is required for pumping water from a low level to high. This pump finds its application in houses, agricultural sector, cement plants, car garages, and automobile industry. It is comprised of an electric motor, a hub, bearing, housing, gasket, impeller, and a back plate. For effluent treatment plants, this pump is the ideal choice for moving slurry to the processing system.

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